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Workshop in New Delhi

Fantastic Norway was in November 2010 invited to participate at the Urban Typhoon workshop in New Delhi. Participants included architects, planners, artists, poets, researchers and social scientists from all over the world. The workshop was …


Cardboard Cloud

The installation “Cardboard Cloud” was designed on behalf of the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture (DogA), in Oslo. The goal for installation was to create a framework around the exhibition of new Norwegian design …



I kjølvannet av terrorangrepet på Utøya den 22.juli 2011, har Fantastic Norway jobbet sammen med AUF om utviklingen av en strategi for gjenreisingen av øya som leirsted. Arbeidet er utført i tett dialog med AUF …


Venice Biennale 2012

Fantastic Norway has for the last year been working with the re-establishing of a political camp on the island of Utøya, the location of the massacre where 69 young people were killed on July 22nd …


Surely Wood

Surely wood is a proposal for an infill project containing studio flats and spaces for retail. The project is placed in Hegdehaugsveien, Oslo’s most prominent shopping street. The building is planned with sustainable energy solutions …


Mountain Hill Cabin

The project is a winter cabin to be built in a highly restricted area in the mountain landscape of Sjoga in Norway. The cabin is designed as a landscape element that leads wind and snow …




Curly Cabin

The project is a coastal cabin placed in Håvika/Frøya, three hours outside the city of Trondheim. The property is situated 30 meters above sea level with a panoramic view towards the horizon. A deep scar, …


1814 / Ballot Box

The voting ballot box (stemmeurnen) is an installation erected in conjunction with the 100 years anniversary of the woman’s right to vote in Norway and will also be a part of upcoming 200 years anniversary …


Cabin Harris

The cabin is situated at the beautiful island of Harris, in the Hebrides / Scotland. The site is a slightly sloping hill with striking view towards the Taransay Island, a green coloured lagoon and the …


On a Thin Line

Fantastic Norway was commisioned by Asplin Ramm to improve the stretch between Rosenholm Campus and Rosenholm Station.

We proposed Norways longest footbridge between the station and the campus, in the extension of the architectural axis …


Cabin Bogøyvær

The site is located on the south side of the small community Bogøyvær Island.The building typology in Bogøyvær is varied, but most of the houses can be described as honest coastal building without ornamentation. Due …


Cut Out Cabin

(Under construction)

The Cut Out Cabin is situated on an island at the north/west coast of Norway, in a strictly regulated area. The local authorities demands all cabins to be shapes in the traditional cabin …


The Creek Curl

The Creek Curl Complex is a feasibility study for a commercial office building and several car-shops next to the Drengsrud Creek, in Asker/Norway. The building mass carefully follows and partly hovers above a small creek …


Slide City / Per Kartvedt

In the 70′s Oslo’s own “Man in Black”, Professor of Architecture Per Kartvedt , started his long lasting lecture series on cities, communities, myths and dreams. Per has since then been an influential character in …


Cabin Vardehaugen

The project is a coastal cabin placed on Vardehaugen, an outcrop by the mouth of the fjord at Grøttingen on the Fosen peninsula. The property is situated 35 meters above sea level in a small …


100% Norway

Fantastic Norway was recently awarded second place for best stand design at 100% Design in Earls Court / London, by Blueprint Magazine. The jury stated: “Within the context of the exhibition’s opening debate, surrounding ideas …


Cabin Randøy

The cabin is located at Randøy, in the west coast of Norway, in a steep hill facing the waterfront north-wast of the site. Both internally and externally the cabin follows the terrain, and exploit the …



”Kakafoniet” is a feasibility study done for Sparebankstiftelsen. Their ambition is to establish a 12000 square meters cultural house in Kvadraturen/Oslo within the location of two old, classical bank buildings.  The project is aimed towards …


The Break-up

This project is an extention to a small wooden house just out side the city of Hamar (Norway).

The original building is characterized by its simple shape and pointed pitched roof. By repeating this caracteristing …


Brønnøy Brygge

This project was developed as part of a feasibility study for a strictly regulated waterfront of Brønnøysund. The ambition was to create a more interesting and vibrant waterfront for the old district of Sørbyen. A …


Venice Biennale 2010

Together with a series of young nordic designers, Fantastic Norway was invited to participate in the exhibition “At Work With” at the 2010 Venice Biennale.

We were asked to contribute with one week of work …


Oslo Water Park

The project “Oslo Water Park” is an initiative with ambition to transform the Stubberud area into a significant water park for the east side of Oslo. The project was designed automn 2010. The overall ambition …


Triangle Cabin

The Triangle Cabin is a collection of predesigned triangular cabins.

One can choose from four different sizes, from luxury condos of 120 m2 to small unit on 15m2. The cabins can be purchased separately or …



Sirene is a luxurious restaurant placed at Aker Brygge, where Oslo meets the fjord. We wanted to bring in aspects of nature into this very urban area.

The building is designed with layers of flexible …


Walking Berlin/Beijing

The ambulant exhibition “Walking Berlin/Beijing” was part of our participation in the DMY International Design Festival, Berlin 2009.

The exhibition aimed to promote the region of South Helgeland and simultaneously create publicity for a new …


Brønnøy Kunstbase

Rhe Art Base of Brønnøysund is a project initiated in collaboration with local artist Vibeke Steinsholm. The ambition of the building was to create a regional forum for contemporary art in South Helgeland. The building …



Kneisen is a dual purpose visitors center at the Black Glaciar in northern Norway. The building works both as a centre for eco-tourism and research on new environmentally friendly technology. The building’s design is inspired …


House of Families

“House of families” is a building for disadvantaged young women with children in Nuuk / Greenland.

The project is part of an overall strategic plan for the Nuuk center called “Middle of the world, the …



Stimen is a locally anchored tourist destination. The vision is to create a small resort with a variety of public features creating a meeting point between inhabitants and visitors. The public features span from outdoor …



Fantastic Norway AS conducted the part as curator, architect, graphic artist and producer for the exhibition “Eurovisions”, at the Norwegian center for Design and Architecture in Oslo (December 2009).

The exhibition presented three different districts …


«Håkon & Haffner» – Episode 6

Se den sjette episoden her!/ Watch episode #6 here!

Den viktigste arktiekturen er verken rådhus, operabygg, storting eller signalbygg, men snarere rommet imellom byggene; Byrommene våre. Hva er egentlig et byrom? Hva har byrom med …


«Håkon & Haffner» – Episode 5

Se den femte episoden her! / Watch episode #5 here!

Norges største byggeprosjekt er også en av de største politiske prosjektene som har blitt gjennomført i Norge: Drabantbyene. Men hvorfor har idealsamfunnene som ble bygd …


«Håkon & Haffner» – Episode 3

Se den tredje episode her! / Watch episode #3 here!

Hva er egentlig et signalbygg? Og hvilke signaler sender de egentlig ut? Håkon & Haffner undersøker dette spørsmålet og prøver å finne ut av om …


«Håkon & Haffner» – Episode 4

Se den fjerde episoden her! / Watch episode #4 here!

Industribyene som bygde Norge, er i dag ofte sett på som nedslitte og stygge småbyer.

Håkon & Haffner forteller historiene til disse merkelige byene som …


«Håkon & Haffner» – Episode 2

Se den andre episoden her! / Watch the second episode here!

Hva er egentlig et typisk norsk bygg? I denne episoden avdekker Håkon&Haffner sannheter, myter og romantiske ideer om det norske hus.

Finnes det egentlig …


«Håkon & Haffner» – Episode 1

Se den første episoden her! / Watch the first episode here!

Hvordan bygger man en by? Episoden omhandler fenomenet utopi, med særlig fokus på Sverre Pedersen og de brente steders regulering.

Håkon&Haffner sprenger Bergen i …


45 Minutes Cabin

In relation to the reconstruction of Le Cobusier’s “Cabanon” (RIBA/London) we were invited by Blueprint Magazine to design our own “cabanon” within 45 minutes. We decided to create an urban camouflage cabin, pretending to be …


Coloring Oslo Harbour

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This Project is a sculpture, placed at a significant road section, leading visitors in to St.Olav´s Hospital in Trondheim / Norway.Despite the substantial size of the hospital, St. Olav’s appears as a visually anonymous institution.


Åbygg Headquarter

The buildings main purpose is to give Åbygg AS a new headquarter in Åfjord/Norway.The building is also designed with four student dwellings in the second floor, with purpose to host the companies interns/trainees.
To create …


Villa Ishusveien

Villa Ishusveien is a small house built partly on the foundation of an old summer house at Nesodden. The building is placed next to an old annex. In between the houses an intimate out door …


High Tide Fire

Sitting next to a fireplace at night, staring into the flames is a wonderful feeling. So is sitting on a peer dangle your feet over the water. What if you combine these two?

The High …


Polar Night Daylight

The installation ”Polar Night Daylight” was erected in the arctic town of Bodø, November 2005. During wintertime, it´s dark 24 hours a day in these parts of Norway. The public

Spaces are usually abandoned during …


Revitalizing Kolstad

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Oslo Triennale

We were invited to give our take on the notion of ”risk” in Norwegian culture, which was the main theme at the Oslo Triennale 2007. In addition to an essay, we made a physical model …


Masterplan / Sykkylven

(Project designed in colaboration with Eriksen Skajaa AS + Bjørbekk og Lindheim AS. Project info will be updated soon).…


Extention Nesodden

The project is an extension to an existing summer house situated in Nesodden, a peninsula in the Oslo Fjord. The new building is partly placed under ground with a large terrace on top. The main …


Feasibility study – Oslo Areal

Property devoloper Oslo Areal engaged Fantastic Norway to prepare a feasibility study for a new settlement on the overall properties Waldemar Thrane Gate 84 b, 86 and 98 in Oslo/ Norway. A starting point for …



Soundscape is an installation in honour to Arne Nordheim. The sculpture can be described as a large brass instrument for contemporary music. Based on works by composers the sculpture continuously generates new sounds activated by …


Venice Biennale 2008

Fantastic Norway exibited at the international pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2008. The exhibition was twofold, of which we had a retrospective exhibition indoors, while we organized a mini festival at the main entrance.…