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100% Norway

26 Oct 2011 / in

Fantastic Norway was recently awarded second place for best stand design at 100% Design in Earls Court / London, by Blueprint Magazine. The jury stated: “Within the context of the exhibition’s opening debate, surrounding ideas of the post-national nature of design, a country which has attempted to capture some essence and the characteristics of Norwegian design is an interesting exploration, and one which the Blueprint judges deemed worthy of special commendation”.

Our design was not mainly a stand for 100% Norway, but first and foremost a flexible exhibition system that has the ability to adapt into different spaces: From small and narrow areas to larger halls and spaces.

The stand design consists of a series of triangles and squares and it employs aluminium poles and a wooden puzzle like floor. Our aim was to not make a retrospective and romantic stand, but rather create system with modern materials.

Our focus is that Norway should be promoted as a modern and hi-tech society. Throughout history our coastal culture has always had the ability to absorb new ideas, and has been adaptable during changing times. Therefore, Norwegians have in one way always been really modern.

The design and production was led by Lars Goossens (Fantastic Norway), in close colaboration with Bjørnar Gudbrandsen (NSI).

100% Norway from Norsk Designråd on Vimeo.