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1814 / Ballot Box

13 Mar 2012 / in

The voting ballot box (stemmeurnen) is an installation erected in conjunction with the 100 years anniversary of the woman’s right to vote in Norway and will also be a part of upcoming 200 years anniversary of the Norwegian constitution in 2014. Inga Marte Thorkildsen, the Norwegian Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion opened it on the international woman’s day, 8th of March.

The original Norwegian voting ballot box, an aluminium box with the Governmental Lion on front, inspired the main shape of this installation. Inside the seven-meter tall pavilion, one can choose a coloured acrylic disc of ones favorite political party and slot it into the facade. The facade will be coloured by a ever changing mosaic of political parties, a continuous poll of the political landscape. The daylight shines through the acrylic votes, coloring the inside of the pavilion. At nighttime, artificial light will light up the structure from within, colouring the surrounding park. The project was commissioned by the organization Eidsvoll 1814.

Se TV-clip from the opening here!


(Team: Erlend Blakstad Haffner & Mathias Nome Hemsen)