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High Tide Fire

21 Oct 2011 / in

Sitting next to a fireplace at night, staring into the flames is a wonderful feeling. So is sitting on a peer dangle your feet over the water. What if you combine these two?

The High Tide Fire installation was done at Trondheim waterfront, together with architect students from NTNU, with ambition of creating a new recreational area at the peer.

15 steel frames were connected to the excisting peer. 15 steel baskets were filled with dry wood and then connected to the frames. When the sun set and the high tide came, the fireplaces were lit.

While burning the sparks hit the water surface with a fizzeling sound, and created a calm and strange meeting place at the seaside of Trondheim.

High Tide Fire from Håkon Matre Aasarød on Vimeo.