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Oslo Water Park

23 Oct 2011 /

The project “Oslo Water Park” is an initiative with ambition to transform the Stubberud area into a significant water park for the east side of Oslo. The project was designed automn 2010. The overall ambition is to revitalize Grorud Valley and people’s perception of the area. The project was initiated by property developer Knut Halvor Hansen (Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS).

The initiative’s primary purpose is to redeem some of the key points enshrined in the public document “Groruddalssatsingen” and to give residents in the valley the collective promise they both need and deserve.

The water park will be a variety of public parks with “water” as the main theme. The park will feature a wide range of water-based activities suitable for a broad, multicultural audience. This includes: Arenas for water sports, recreational areas, sports arenas and exercise, learning contexts and cultural activities.

The desire to revitalize Grorud Valley is present both locally and in the public sector. But due to the area’s complexity and the absence of a large common project, the projects realized in the area have not had a significant impact. We believe the unique conditions at Stubberud field combined with the including and environmental water park, will lead to a fresh start and a revitalisation of the Grorud Valley.