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Walking Berlin/Beijing

23 Oct 2011 / in

The ambulant exhibition “Walking Berlin/Beijing” was part of our participation in the DMY International Design Festival, Berlin 2009.

The exhibition aimed to promote the region of South Helgeland and simultaneously create publicity for a new tourism facilities (which we have designed) just outside Sandnessjøen. To give the exhibition at the festival site bigger effect, our entire office went down to Berlin and dressed us miniature versions of the new houses, before we then walked around sightseeing in central Berlin. The idea behind the stunt was that since the buildings in the future to cater for so many travelers, it is only fair that the buildings were also travel a bit before they are place-bound on South Helgeland in 2011.

Stunt caused a stir on a number of international design blogs – magazines and was broadly covered by local press in Norway.